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Bird of Play

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The Bird of Play

Certainly one of the most iconic images of the Fantasy Renaissance is
the Bird of Play, the flying ship used by Richard Storybrooke.
First editions of the Bird of Play model with movable sail action have
sold for upwards of a thousand dollars Pacific, and the few remaining
models with the "old style" sails that appear only in the concept art
for the Storybrooke movie have sold for as high as seventeen thousand.

And that and of itself is an odd thing.
Only a few were ever made and the images were not highly publicized,
but collectors rabidly pursue these rare models, which were produced
by the factory in only one erroneous run. But collectors claim that
the old-style models somehow "feel more real," and will pay almost any
price to get their hands on this rare glimpse of this alternate world
of Richard Storybrooke that few of us ever get a chance to see.

- Diego Tixan, media critic, Lost Angeles Times

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