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Guest Artist: Jennie Breeden

sponsored by The Devil's Panties
The Devil's Panties

Something vast upon the deep...

We have been watching carefully for over fifty years...
ever alert for the slightest sign of the entity that nearly destroyed our world.
Now ... there are hints. Rumors. Unexplained phenomena. Nothing concrete; nothing certain.
Our ground-based investigators find nothing. But our physicists ... Our physicists tell us of traces.
Vast disturbances in the shell of dust around the solar system.
Subtle, unexplainable shifts in the galactic magnetic field.
The readings of both the Forward Gravitational Telescope
and the Feynman-Riverstone Least Action Array confirm it:

Something vast stirs upon the deep.

God help us, I fear the Progenitor has returned.

- classified testimony of Dr. W. Olan Stephenson
to the Joint American-Pacifican Interstellar Threat Committee
of Les Gardiens Superieurs de le Monde