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There is no cruelty like the dagger of a friend.

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Extraordinary popular delusions about the cruelty of children

Everyone remembers being picked on as a child.
Everyone remembers how much it hurt, how much it pained them.
Everyone honest who looks deep into themselves will still see themselves limping,
where their spirits were twisted by childhood emotional scars that never healed.

And yet we find it proper to forget all this, to deny it, nay, to sanction it
somehow in the hope that institutionalizing these horrors
will nurture a crop of young Einsteins and Riverstones?

Isn't it far more likely that rather than training our youth to apply themselves,
the Remedial program instead is an experiment in child abuse on a societal scale,
destined to produce a scarred generation of monsters laden with problems
we cannot yet imagine and dare not yet contemplate?

- Elaine Anonova, Educator, in testimony to the Pacifican Congress