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Where Are They Now?

Of course, no discussion of Pacifican superheroes would be complete
without a mention of its most mysterious "team", the Sojourners.

Some observers question whether the Sojourners really exist;
Their appearances are rare, their membership unknown,
even their base of operations is unclear.

As usual, the Global Guardians were completely unhelpful:
"It is our consistent policy that the best protection for
those extraordiary citizens that risk their lives for us
is anonymity; therefore, the identities of heroes
and their membership in groups is not divulged."

Research is more difficult because of the Pacifican news media's
self-imposed blackout on the Sojourners' most prominent alleged member.

However, this much is known.

The Sojourners were real, with seven documented sightings starting in the early 2020s.
They're affiliated with the Global Guardian's enigmatic heavy hitter "The Pacifican",
but whether as fellow superheroes, support staff or simply a fan club is unknown.
Their membership was once large, but dwindled to three in their last few sightings,
in which the remaining members were seen as increasingly grim.

In fact, after the grand crisis that dominated the global airwaves,
not even the Pacifican has been sighted in over two years.

-Leia Claudia Mixen, outlier science columnist, New Vegas Times