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The Most Horrible Thing in the World

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The Most Horrible Thing In The World

The most horrible thing in the world changes from age to age:
In one century it is the Big Bad Wolf,
After that those horrible witches,

Only in retrospect do we fear the things we ought to:
Not wolves, but disease and the terrible Black Death,
Not witches, but governments and the fearsome Inquisition.

In the last century we feared nuclear weapons
when perhaps we should have feared governments instead.

In this new millenium, with millions dead and a continent divided
we think we know what to fear: the alien Progenitor that Fractured our world.

But why should we be so different?
With Skywatch and GARDMOND we have created our own Inquisition
when you're still more likely to be killed by a car crash
than a Big Bad Wolf with Big Green Eyes.

- Xiao Dreamweaver, essay for History 8R, Riverton Middle School, Tuesday, October 6, 2054