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Far Jump

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The Library of Dresan

The Evolution of Storybrooke: Battlegrounds Play

Far Jump is often hailed as an example of a "broken" card.
The original wording of the card was perfect for dueling:
enabling a player to save a valuable card from destruction
or, even better, to sidestep a foolishly overextended attack
entirely, delivering an entire attack group into the enemy's
emptied stronghold in the middle of their own combat phase!

But with the advent of multiplayer, avatar and especially
miniatures play, the Far Jump card became "too powerful",
enabling a clever player to turn the most minor attack
into a near zero-cost Segue. Even reworded to prevent
moves across play boundaries, Far Jump still retained the
power of a Teleport with none of the limitations or costs.

This led, of course, to the usual debate.

Some claimed the card should be banned from tournament play.
Others, who learned to use it and defend against it correctly
claimed that "the banners" missed the whole point of the game:
applying the surprises of play of collectible card games
to complex two dimensional gameboards of miniatures
creating the first entirely new genre of gaming since
Magic the Gathering updated Dungeons and Dragons.

-April Olive, Game/Play Blog, April 23, 2024.