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The Enemy

I've come to a few conclusions that I feel I have to share.
No, shut up, Richard, you blithering idiot, this is important.
I've catalogued our enemies and detected a few patterns.

We've seen "plants" - seemingly innocent people whose actions are controlled by monsters.
They've also gone "undercover" - hiding in the background and popping up when WE are seen.
And we've seen "suits" - soulless enemies filled with knowledge and following strict protocol.

This should all seem familiar to you. We've seen these tactics before.
No? Let me explain it to you then:

These are the same tactics a modern media company uses to control its brand.

"Astroturf" support - plants in forums and fandom to spout the company line.
"Undercover" agents scouring the web and cons looking for copyright violations.
Lawyers - "suits" - who then spring in to action to shut things down.

I don't know if I'm right, but I know enough to be worried:
I think some shadowy Conglomerate is trying to take control of the Storystream.

-Sylvester Dirac, in his weekly briefing to the Sojourner's Council