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A Coma Is No Excuse

I don't see how this is her fault.

You may not see how it's her fault.
I may not see how this is her fault.
But law doesn't care about whose fault it is.

But that's so unfair!
After all this girl's been through
After all she did to turn her life around
Shouldn't she get cut a break?

You think that. I think that. But what we think doesn't matter.
Xiao was absent from the eighth grade exit exam.
She didn't make it up in the legally mandated period.
And she has no written excuse from her parents.

But that's retarded---

Yes, absolutely.
Who cares that during the exam she was in the emergency room?
Who cares that during the makeup period she was in a coma?
Who cares that her parents are too DEAD to write a note?
We do: her principal and her gymnastics coach. And according to the law, that's worth jack and shit.

- transcript of a dialogue between Principal Athena Summers and Coach Michel Coupland of Riverton Middle School