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I hate my life.

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Seeking a Buffer

Right now I'm somewhat ahead in the comic. I have the next 2 pages completely in the can (not counting last-minute tweaking of dialog box placement necessary when translating from the test printed page to the "MegaTokyo Format" 975-by-650 PNG pages I currently use for the comic). Beyond that, I have another 2 completed pages, another 5 inked pages, script and layouts for 3 more pages beyond that (through the end of the prototype Chapter 0), a rough outline for Chapter 1, and plot outlines that take me all the way to the beginning of Part IV (currently scheduled to start around Chapter 19).

Currently, I can produce about 2 inked pages a week. My goal with what started out as a little side project to teach me comics production is now to get a solid 52 pages ahead. When I do, the comic will go semiweekly - Mondays and Fridays.

Here's to actually getting your creativity out!

-The Centaur
October 16, 2004