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Lonely vistas.

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Struggling Afloat

Ach! It's hard to stay ahead ... working on the site software and postproduction for images has just about eaten up all the time I wanted to spend on the extra page each week ... so I'm still really only two pages ahead, and soon I will get into the new-scripting zone where I have to stop drawing long enough to finish the script for Chapter 1.

But I've got enough built up to hold us for this week and the next, and if I get a lot done tonight I'll buy myself a buffer. Tell you what --- I'll even throw in a "bonus" art page not in the printed edition that will help expand the story --- translation: I'm already planning in my "Dead Piro Days" ((c) and (tm) Fred Gallagher) to make absolutely sure I don't fall behind on site updates unless the site is actually down so I can't update it (which actually happened one night already).

Anyway. Here's the next page. Enjoy!

-The Centaur
October 25, 2004