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Forget About Me

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Richard Storybrooke and the Weaver of Dreams

If only Anna Lee Anderson had lived!
She would have been delighted to see the latest installment
in the series of movies based on her Richard Storybrooke tales.

Even though the series of books never reached a conclusion,
visionary filmmaker Sergey Viseand has created a dynamic, engaging
speculation about the continued life the twenty-first century's
most engaging wizard - now a juvenile delinquent and on the run.

Lacking a definitive conclusion to the story, Viseand has instead
returned to the story's premise, mining the endless potential inherent
in a young man's quest to find a place for himself in a world that doesn't want him.

After the obligatory tricks with magic monsters dispatched by playing card spells
that are the standard for this genre, the movie gets smart and slows down,
gain a new level of maturity as Richard seeks guidance from the Weaver of Dreams,
a delight played by relative newcomer Noxi Mengzhiang (say that twice fast).

An accomplished stage actress, Mengzhaing brings subtlety to her enigmatic Weaver,
whose psychic powers reveal a darker world behind the melodrama of the surface plot
and whose sultry beauty layers new complexity upon the deeper, ongoing
coming of age drama that makes the Richard Storybrooke tales so interesting.

In the end, magic saves the day - almost, of course, leaving Richard Storybrooke with
one problem solved and a baker's dozen new problems to deal with. But we can only
hope that in the next installment, Richard will once again team up with the Weaver
- and this time have the guts to ask her out on a first date.

- Arthur Beauchamp, "Merlin and Arthur On the Movies" podcast, October 4, 2054.