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Richard Storybrooke and the Weaver of Dreams

sponsored by The Library of Dresan
The Library of Dresan

Richard Storybrooke and the Weaver of Dreams

O.M.G. Oh. My. Gawd. This was the greatest Storybrooke EVAH!
Isn't Richard such a HUNK!?! And DIGa that Weavah's out-fit!
And did you SEE what happened to crusty old El Gecko? FREE-key!

Ahem. Seriously now.

Alright. I admit it. RS@WOD was good. *Really* good.
I know I said "It couldn't be good", "It can't possibly be good"
and even "I'll swallow my own pen if they pull this one off,
but after two hours of surgery at Riverton General
they were able to retrieve it so that I could write the following:

"Richard Storybrooke and the Weaver of Dreams" was the best Storybrooke, ever.

It delivered all the fan service we wanted, but with a convincing, realistic twist.
It had action. It had drama. And it had the Weaver - such a cutie!
For the first time on screen, I got a sense of how lonely Richard
would be, cut off from his family, his school, his future.
You really want to see him cut a break this time.

So, dear fanu, the novelization's in my livebook, the poster's on my wall,
and I even bought the special limited editon RS@WOD Bird of Play for my shelf.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have a hearty helping of crow to eat.

- Xiao Dreamweaver, "Dreams Too Big For the Sky", weblog, 1:17am, November 27, 2053.